Unique 15 year guarantee | ‘A’ rating as standard | U-values as low as 0.8 w/m²K

Inliten by Camden


Recycling & Extrusion:

Camden are committed to the environment, ensuring that all scrap PVCu material is recycled at our onsite facility. This material is then granulated and extruded to create a new sustainable product.

Frame Production:

Frame production has been at the core of Camden’s business for over 30 years. Our vast production facilities and advanced technologies allow us to manufacture up to 10,000 frames per week.

Vertical Slider & Composite Door Production:

Camden manufactures a range of high-performance Vertical Sliders and Composite Doors; each product range is designed to provide excellent thermal efficiency, security and aesthetic appeal.

Foiling & Spray Booth Facilities:

Our onsite facilities allow us to offer a range of foil laminate frame finishes and spray-painted colours to match any RAL code or colour.


Camden's state-of-the-art glass production facility allows us to manufacture a range of high-performance glazing units suitable for both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Aluminium Products:

Camden’s onsite aluminium production facility allows us to offer a range of stylish and multi-functional aluminium bi-fold doors, residential doors and windows.

Comprehensive product range that perfectly complements the sustainability demands of the current climate.

Inliten Doors

With our Inliten composite door range, there is no compromising. Maximum security, optimal weather resistance and enhanced energy efficiency are combined with style and quality, a case of beauty meets beast. With 16 door styles, countless glazing options and a whole colour palate to choose from, there also are endless possibilities for personalisation to enable you to make your own grand entrance and create a stunning and lasting gateway to your home. But Arcadia doors give you so much more than just a beautiful looking door.

Double rebated Inliten Composite Doors are 70mm in width and offer exceptional levels of durability, strength and impact-resistance. Door slabs also overlap with the frame; ensuring the door is fully sealed and providing enhanced thermal and weather performance.